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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
It'll be very interesting to see how BMW positions the M235i, equipped with a juiced 6-cylinder N55, against the upmarket M2, equipped with a juiced 4-cylinder N20.

The F2X that I'm most interested in, though, is the rumored 2-series Gran Coupe. That would be the true spiritual successor to the E46 sedan.
True, the 3er has really been getting up there in size and price so it would be cool if BMW slotted in a truly light and sport-focused sedan again.

Although like others have pointed out, by 2014 the N55 will be getting up there in age and facing heavy competition so hopefully BMW has something interesting up their sleeve. And like Gunzaro said it really just needs to be good looking... the 6 Gran Coupe proves that they are capable of that, but if BMW slaps on the F20 front, I think it's game over really