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Originally Posted by YOLO89 View Post
BMW needs to keep 1 series as 1 and 3 series as 3. This is ridiculous and this one looks terrible.
To be clear, neither the 1 Series nor 3 Series are going away. Rather, the proposal within BMW is to move all two door vehicles (and four door coupes that are based directly on such two-door vehicles) to even numbered product names. Sedans, wagons, and hatchbacks would remain odd-numbered. In other words, the idea is to take the pattern established with the 5 Series and 6 Series and have that propigate to the rest of the lineup in a consistent manner.

Originally Posted by d3UCE818 View Post
can someone explain to me what the difference in the 3 Series and 4 Series GC will be? Isnt the 4 series a coupe version of the 3 series? So what the heck is the 4 series GC going to be????
Have a good look at an F10 5 Series Sedan and an F08 6 Series Gran Coupe. You should be able to spot the differences right away (as there are many more of them than there are similarities). Now, imagine that same strategy applied to the smaller passenger cars in the lineup.
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