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Originally Posted by fusion01 View Post
I reckon this {ed: keeping 1 series front end} will be unavoidable with them borrowing heavily (if not in entirety) from the 1 series. Was the case with previous 1 series + current coupe / vert. Prove me wrong BMW.
It is true that the E82 and E88 1 Series coupe and convertible share most of their styling with the old E81 and E87 1 Series hatchbacks. However, you must keep in mind that this family of vehicles was actually conceived before the E9x family (hence the numbering), which was the first time BMW produced vehicles under the same series designation with vastly diverging styling (i.e. almost nothing aesthetic shared between E90/1 and the E92/3).

So, even if there were to be no name change ahead, I think we could expect the new two door F22/3 models to differ from the three and five door F20/1 siblings. This is just as we fully expect the same for the F32/3 to, like the E9x before them, share nothing with the F30/1.

With the name change coming if rumors hold true, it would virtually guarantee the completely divergent styling direction. I.e, just like the 5 and 6 today and in their last generation, we could fully expect that neither the 1 and 2 nor the 3 and 4 will share any sheetmetal, nor interior layout for that matter, with one another.
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