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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
Also, as far as I'm concerned BMW never really took advantage of the opportunity to (re-)capture the enthusiasts' heart with the 1er, given that they are very much set on turning the 3er into the 5er of two generations ago ... Wouldn't it be only logical to then turn the 1er into something more like the old-school 3er, with more engaging dynamics, less insulation / weight, and more aggressive chassis tuning? ... So if the 2 series really materializes, here is hoping that it would be a purer, more engaging expression of the BMW-ness, sans the stupid headlights.

I was quite intrigued by the new 3 before it arrived (particularly the new 300bhp/40mpg Straight 6), and i was kinda liking the Tron-esque snout. But seeing it in the real world it's MASSIVE (like, visible-from-space huge)! Also the front end is hideous, lights on. But mostly it's just far too big to own in a city.

Basically, my current E46 Compact is an ideal car except for 2 things - not particularly modern performance and efficiency, and no rear doors. The obvious choice would be the M135i 5-door when it arrives, but... well, it just looks wrong. Like a pygmy hippo, almost. And having spent a day with an E82, it doesn't feel as nicely bloted together as the E46.

Now, if BMW could make a 4-door with the build quality and lines of a 3, but with a footprint closer to that of a 1er, then I'd be first in line. I'd even pay 3-series money for it!