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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
I dont see any problem with all the model designations. Remember, this is all a $ thing. The 2,4,6,x4,x6 will rake in the dough simply on the premise of charging more for people willing to pay for style. True they will have nicer interiors, more std sporting options, but there will be negligible difference in platform or R&D expense on bmw s part. Bmw will make a killing on these models, just like the other poster stated about the audi a5.

For those who place a priority on style, why not gouge them a little bit
I totally get that. The only difference with the A5 is that is was a completely new model. The 4er will be rebranding the 3er coupe which has so much heritage. Plus 3 sounds much better. I think M4 sounds awful.

I guess the way BMW are looking at it is existing 3er customers won't stop buying the 4er just because of the name change and they can now attract new sales with the image change.