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Originally Posted by vinny84 View Post
I'm pretty sure my 135i which has premium package, sport package and cold weather package wasn't necessarily cheap. Either that, or everyone here is making way too much money

Originally Posted by tmurphy2 View Post
BUT at what point are you diminishing the premium portion of your brand? Everyone I work with calls the 1 series the BMW for people who can't afford a BMW, I have to agree.
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, serious but I strongly disagree. A base 128i here in Canada is already $36,000. Add in the premium package at the least and it prices over $42k (not including costs/taxes). We won't even discuss a 135. $42k for a 1-Series. You could get a base 320/323/328, a "real" BMW with that kind of money.

Your statement is categorizing what BMW should be, not what it is. If anything the 1-Series is becoming, if not already, the car BMW has always been known for - sporty and compact that has that raw driving feel (see: 1M), not like the other BMW models that are getting more and more computer-influenced each generation. I don't know how it is there but people who drive a 1-Series here are labelled many things but not being able to afford a "real" BMW isn't one of them.