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Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
It will be special if they can make it 300+kg lighter

It's power to weight ratio that's important, not just the headline power output.

Yes, I'm very aware that power to weight is more important than raw numbers.

But until we see officially that the new 2 coupe will be lighter, we can't call it yet.
Also, 140lbs less is ok but it ain't that great.
The current 1 is too heavy as is given it's smaller size.
Current 1 series is about that much lighter than the 3 series. They use the same engine and the 1 is not that much faster, and the 3 with sport handles better and has a better ride, even though it's heavier.

A 150lb weight decrease with about a 25/25 power bump will make for a much more compelling 'next gen' 1/2 series.