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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
If you are meaning commonality then you are on the right track as the F20 and F30 share the same modular matrix , so this will feature within the 2er and 4er Coupes too.

As of the next generation M1 or M2? It will stick to it's basic formula but will have scope for further enhancement. But , especially for weight purposes the car will resort to a four cylinder Turbo. The power output will stick closely to around todays car 340HP allowing the M3 to have a considerable gap with around over 100HP with it's all new six cylinder engine.
If that's true then it seems the new 2 series coupe won't have any added power than the current models.
The current 135i has 300/300. I would expect that a NEW replacement for this car would have at least a bit more power, say 320/320.
If that happens, then an M2 with only 340/340 isn't so special.

The new 2.0T engine has more power and better MPG than the current NA 3.0 engine. That's a solid replacement.
What's the replacement or refinement for the N55?
It should be a bit more power and a bit better MPG.
Then, what goes into an M2?
I say, a higher boosted N55 with the M handling and styling bits.

I just can't see an M2 with a 2.0T for that kind of money.
Not saying it won't happen, just saying, I don't like the idea.

Or, maybe BMW will do what Audi did with the A4.
They cut out the V6 altogether.
You have 2 choices. A4 2.0T or the S4. They loaded up the S4 with options and the price is right for those who want more performance.

Maybe the next 2 coupe will only be offered with a 2.0T, and if you want higher performance you'll have to go with the M2 with an N55.
Could be good, but the price needs to be in check