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Lightbulb Rumor: BMW M2 and 2-series Designed to Fit F30/F32 M3 Parts

Rumor: BMW M2 and 2-series Designed to Fit F30/F32 M3 Parts
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One of the most anticipated BMW models in the next few years will include the BMW 2-series coupe/convertible (which will replace the 1-series coupe/convertible). With the 1M coupe receiving overwhelming praise, its successor, the BMW M2 (based off 2 series coupe) will surely receive even more attention.

Here's the latest of what we've just learned from a trusty source regarding the upcoming M2 and 2-series
  • The M2 has not yet officially been approved for production (and may not be officially approved until the 2-series commences production)
  • Intent is to make the M2 based primarily on future M3 parts (a la 1M coupe and current M3)
  • Standard 2-series lineup as a whole is being designed specifically to leave open the possibility of fitting some F30/F32 M3 parts (i.e. F30/F32 M3 suspension in the regular 2-series), like the current 1-series accept E9X suspension.

What does this tell us? That the M2 will be another killer coupe when it hits the streets. Unlike the F20 1-series, the 2-series coupe and cabrio and the M2 will be coming to the North American market. The rumored timeline is 2014/2015 for the M2.

An earlier rumor claims that two engines are rumored to be in the running as the M2's powerplant - a 3.0L 6-cylinder turbo with about 350bhp, similar to the 1M coupe's motor; and a tri-turbo 6-cylinder motor with similar performance but better MPG. But, we'd venture to add a turbo 4-cylinder engine to the mix.

Also speculated is that it will have DCT transmission and brakes from current M3. Extensive use of CFRP would help keep the M2's weight down.

Dr. Friedrich Nitschke (BMW M GmbH's new managing director) told Autoexpress in an earlier interview: “In the 1M Coupe, we have a starter car for the M Division, and we are continuing to develop this project. Such models must be sporty, and offer extraordinarily low fuel consumption. This is something we could achieve with the M2. I think the 1M Coupe proves there is room for an M2, a coupe."

*Note: the photo above is just a member's render of the 2-series coupe based on the F20 1-series M-sport